Egotrippi - Vuokses sun (English translation)

English translation

Because of you

Because of you
I was once
ready to abandon from this
To forsake this house
This country
My heart, even I swore
That I'd never give it away
When eye avoided
I broke that promise
Because of you
For you at that time, sometimes
To the last breath
Always by your side
Ready to take that step
Because of you, even I swore
That I wouldn't destroy another's happiness
When she turned her back
It was easy to do, like playfully
I did it
Because of you
And so everybody's feeling desperate
They sometimes have been ready to sacrifice
The all to receive to belong to someone
But sometimes a human wants what he's not allowed to want
Does it even knows that acts persecutes
Sacrifices the all against his will
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Vuokses sun

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