Vursalar Ölemem (English translation)

English translation

I cannot die even if i were shot

The snow is ready to fall down on my hair
I didn't wait it, I didn't wait
Let my life's spring and summer to pass
I didn't want it, I didn't want
In the rose garden of my younghood
The haste has taken me inside of its hands
You don't leave me
the truth of my heart
I have fallen in front of your feet
Don't stop, the nights don't stop
Don't stop, the ordeals don't stop
Don't stop, let my heart to stop
I will die thousand times for you
All prohibition and rules get broke
Making love is unforgivable, Don't forgive me
I have fear and excitement in me
As I was dizzy with your love, I cannot die even if I were shot
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Vursalar Ölemem

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