W Akhiran (و أخيراً) (English translation)


W Akhiran (و أخيراً)

وأخيراً جه اليوم
أبقى معاك
شوف كام سنة باستناك
ولا مرة تعبت
وقولت ده حب خيال
اتفرج بقى هاعملك إيه
أنا قلبي حافظت عليه
أوصفلك إيه
مش لاقي كلام يتقال
هنحب حب
عمر قلب حد ما حس بيه
هتحكي الناس عليه
هيقولوا شوفوا
حبوا بعض قد إيه
اتمنى نجوم السما تتجاب
هى الفرصة دي تتساب
حبيت الدنيا معاك
من أول يوم
هاسهرلك بدل الليلة سنين
مش محتاج ناس تانيين
مين يقدر يسمع صوتك
ويجيله نوم؟
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English translation

And Finally

And finally the day has come
for me to be with her
I have been waiting for many years
And I never grew tired
nor said this love is an illusion
Now watch what I'll do for you
You've kept my heart intact
How can I describe it all to you?
I can't find any words to say
We will love each other, a love
that no heart has ever felt
People will tell tales of it
They will say: look
how much they love each other
Wish for the stars, I'll get them
I won't let this chance go to waste
With you, I've fallen in love with life
from the first day
I will stay up years for you, not just for a night
I don't need anyone else
Who could ever hear your voice
and even find sleep?
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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