Mohamed AlShehhi - W Ana (و انا) (English translation)


W Ana (و انا)

بديتي الصد من طيبج عسى الأيام
لا تيبج يعل العين ماتشوفج
ويكفي بان لي عيبج
خسرت سنين من عمري
وانا المسكين ما ادري
عنّج كنت انا غافل
طيبي هو سبب غدري
عرفتي الفرق مابيني
وبين اللي حرم عيني
تذوق النوم من بعدج
وعينج لاهيه عنّي
أنسا كم انا بنسى
وقلبج شافله مرسى
في مينا الغير هو راسي
وتبيني اليوم انا انسى
كثر الدمع انا بذكر
كثر ما كنت انا أسهر
ابذكر من هو زعلني
في قلبي قدره ابيصغر
وشلي بسيرة العشاق
وتاليها الم وفراق
ومن يخلف معي عهده
ماله عندي اي ميثاق
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English translation

and I

you started going cold on me, may the days
never bring you back, may my eyes never see you again
it's enough that your flaw has become clear to me
I've lost years of my life
and I was a poor man who didn't know
about you, I was blind
my good heart was the reason I was betrayed
you've known the difference between me
and the one who deprived my eyes
of sleep after you
and your eyes were somewhere else
I forget, how I want to forget
and your heart has found a harbor 1
it's stopped in someone else's port
and you want me to forget today
I'll remember for as long as the tears had fallen
how long have I had sleepless nights
I'll remember the one who brought me down
her place in my heart will get smaller
what's good about being in love
and then end up alone and in pain
whoever breaks his promise to me
has no pledge with me
  • 1. he means she fell in love with someone else
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