Maya Nehme - W3edini (اوعديني) (English translation)


W3edini (اوعديني)

اوعديني نبقا سوا
كل العمر ما نفترق
ومهما قسا علينا الزمن
ما نفترق
نبقا سوا كل العمر
حبيبي إنت ومعي
بنسى الوعي
بحبك إنا
إنت إلي
كلك إلي
إنت انا
وعدي إليك
أبقا إليك كل العمر
غني معك أكبر معك
و يحلى العمر
إنتي ومعي
إنتي ومعي
حضنك دفا
قلبك وفا
كلك حنين
صوتك حلو
و همسك حلو
إنتي لمين؟
إنتي إلي
انتي إلي
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English translation

Promise Me

Promise me we'd be together
And never separate for our whole life
And no matter how harsh times get
we wouldn't separate
And remain together for all eternity
Promise me
Darling, when you are with me
I lose track of conciousness
I love you
You are mine
All mine
You are me
My promise to you is that
I will be yours forever,
sing with you, grow old with you
And our lives would grow sweeter
when you are with me
when you are with me
Your embrace is [full of] warmth
Your heart is [full of] loyalty
You are full of tenderness
Your voice is sweet
And your whispers are sweet
Whom do you belong to?
You belong to me
You are mine1
  • 1. Note: While belong to someone/being someone's can be creepy in English, this connotation does not exist in Arabic in this scenario; it's simply a sweet line with nothing behind it.
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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