Waga'a El Hawa (وجع الهوى) (English translation)

English translation

The pain of love

you're beautiful and you make my life beautiful
and I cannot deny that, as a man, I was hooked
and one was too much to fill
my life after I was done
you loved me, but I didn't love you, and I tried, but couldn't
find a place in my heart. Why, my heart! why couldn't you get in
and surely, no one can replace another one
and it's all clear now.. I've got none
you were the cure to an illness I didn't have
and you were a big dream for someone else
I've felt the pain of love a long time ago
and you're feeling it a lot with me
you showed me heaven and its beauty
and I saw the preciousness of my soul in your eyes
and I'm sorry, I swear, I don't deserve you
my heart is another woman's
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Waga'a El Hawa (وجع الهوى)