Cairokee - Wala ma aayez (والله ما عايز) (English translation)

English translation

All I want

All I want is a home
And a woman who unbraids her hair in the morning
And kids who run to greet me
Even when they’re half asleep
All I want is a warm cup of tea
A loving kiss, and peace of mind
And happy news in the paper
And people smiling in the street
Like they use to
And happy morning greeting
From an exhausted private on duty
Who just wants to go home and fall asleep
From a conductor who’s fed up of the crowds
From a taxi driver on a flooded street
All I want is only 3 pounds
For official paperwork
A warm cup of tea for a poor clerk
All I want is my ID
Even if it has no address
All I want is a job
No side talk
And “he said, she said” dilemmas
No chitchat
No gossip, no dirty laundry
None of the “stand up tall when you’re talking to me” nonsense
All the fake laughs
I’m done with fools
I’m done with pretense
All I want is to go home from work
After a long hot day
And find my loving woman smiling at me
And a breezy home that brings me back to life
All my troubles would fade away
And find my kids running towards me
Hug me like there’s no tomorrow
Take my briefcase and search it
Take their candy and run away
And in the afternoon, I’d read the paper
And you my everything
Are right there ironing my shirts
And give me that loving look when I’m tired
All I want is your loving embrace, crawl under the sheets, and fall asleep
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Just transcribed the english lyrics in the youtube video on CairokeeOfficial


Wala ma aayez (والله ما عايز)

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