walk a tightrope

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walk a tightrope (English) — To be in a difficult situation in which a very small mistake could have very bad results.

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Translations of "walk a tightrope"

DanishAt balancere på en knivsæg
EnglishWalk on eggs
FrenchMarcher sur des œufs
Germanauf Zehenspitzen gehen
Polishchodzić na paluszkach
Russianходить по лезвию ножа
SerbianHodati kao po jajima
SpanishAndar pisando huevos
Turkishdiken üstünde olmak

"walk a tightrope" in lyrics

Life's hanging by a thread

On the edge (My friend, please give me your man's hand)
We walk a tightrope (To love is okay but when we let ourselves go)
Foolish funambulists (1000 sparks whirl inside us)
We damage our fragile lives (Make us lose our minds, our poise)

Circus - On the edge

and would smile when they say,
"She is crazy!"

I walk a tightrope
and fear makes me sick
for when I look down, I see

Elisabeth das Musical - Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing

With me, nothing is easy
I'm complicated
You should walk a tightrope
That's hanging in the dark

Marie-Mai - Heart Attack

It is something, that is growing inside of me, in depth,
Makes breathe…
I walk a tightrope* and do not believe the fate,
But I will keep silence.

Amatory - Kiss My Blood

Flying to another life
Without avoiding
I'll walk a tightrope without speaking
Flying to another story
Without erasing

Jody - In this world

If a grown man wanna buy the right blow
We’re like Vegas in a sense, you know it’s false hope
Instead of slot machines and card games it’s all coke
They making hustlers like us walk a tightrope
While every other fucking snake is alright though

La Coka Nostra - The Eyes Of Santa Muerte

This time, this time
Oh, baby

Walk a tightrope way up high
Write your name across the sky

Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real / Extended Version/

You speak your mind you can not take it back
Walk a tightrope
Walk a little tightrope
Walk a tightrope
Walk a little tightrope
But Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Walk The Moon - Tightrope

We'll paint a picture of Mona Lisa and catch fishes
From the sea as we make wishes
That will eventually come true
We will go out and build a snowman, walk a tightrope
And juggle balls at the circus with hope
We're gonna make our dreams come true, doing it our way

Laurie Maitland - We're Gonna Make Our Dreams Come True