Sophie Hunger - Walzer Für Niemand (English translation)

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Waltz For Noone

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Noone enters and sits down
Foot on the table, hand under chin
Noone eats my breakfast menu hungrily
Noone always comes too soon
Noone, I have presents for you
What would I have become if it wasn't for you
My collected works, you're welcome,
Everything belongs only to you
Noone, noone knows me like you
Absolutely, I admit everything
No disappointment, not a single time
But you don't care about anything anyway
Noone, do you see? I don't grow anymore
My hands are feet, noone, look over here
Soon I'll be nothing and what will be left then
Is your humble self
Noone, what do you want?
You're always here
Noone, what, what do you want
From me?
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Walzer Für Niemand

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