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わたし・ドリーミング (Watashi Dreaming) (English translation)

  • Artist: Tomomi Nishimura (西村知美)
  • Song: わたし・ドリーミング (Watashi Dreaming) Album: Tenshi no Mail (1987)


もし好きな人がいて 離ればなれだったら
風にリボン結んで 気持 伝えましょうか
会いたくて 会えない人
わたし 目を閉じれば 今
ほら 誰れかが 優しく そばに来て
抱きしめられる わたし・ドリーミング
コスモスの花びらで 占いましょうか 恋
きっと途中でやめるわ 好きに決まっているから
ただ一人 その人だけ
ほら 見つけた 湖 ここなのよ
あなたを待つの わたし・ドリーミング
わたし 目を閉じれば 今
ほら 誰れかが 優しく そばに来て
ほら 誰れかが 優しく そばに来て
抱きしめられる わたし・ドリーミング
Submitted by RetroPandaRetroPanda on 2022-10-01
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I Am Dreaming

If I love someone and we're apart, should I...
..let the wind blows my ribbon to him and transmit my feeling?
He's someone I miss but can't see
If I picture my wish in my mind...
...and close my eyes,
A certain someone will come to me and gently...
...hug me. I'm dreaming
Should I predict If he loves me or not by pulling Cosmos petals?
I'm sure I'll stop halfway because I want the result to be "yes"
He is my one and only
When I walk on the path full of dead leaves,
I can feel the wind follow me from behind
I found it! The lake is here
I'm waiting for you and dreaming
If I picture my wish in my mind...
...and close my eyes,
A certain someone will come to me and gently...
...hug me
A certain someone will come to me and gently...
...hug me. I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming
Submitted by RetroPandaRetroPanda on 2022-10-02
RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sun, 02/10/2022 - 03:25

Nishimura Tomomi (born: December 17, 1970) , nickname: Tororin, was a top idol from 1980s. From 1984 to 1985, she was part of an idol magazine and talent show: "Momoco Club" (the one where Sakai Noriko and Ito Miki came from).

Nishimura Tomomi made her debut both as actress and idol singer in 1986. In her career, the highest position her song ever reach in Oricon chart is #2. To be precise, she has three Oricon #2 and three Oricon #3 ranked songs. She is also an actress who has starred in 15 movies and 38 dramas. She is also active in reality show. In 1980s, she even used to have her own radio show. She even tried anime voice acting too.


Among idols, she was a big fans of Kikuchi Momoko, like a younger sister; even their faces slightly look alike as if they are sisters. They got even closer after co-starring in Hawaii vacation TV program in 1987. And then, Tomomi was highschool friend with Sakai Noriko and Watanabe Minayo* (ex-Onyanko Club). She was also friend with mid-level idols like Shimada Nami* (colleague from her Momoco Club day) and Ito Chieri*.


This song is her third single released September 1986 and reached #3 in Oricon chart. This song also won her newcomer award in that year. 

This song has an MV:


It was used as soundtrack for TV ads:


Her live performances:

^ appeared with Kikuchi Momoko and Minamino Yoko

^ appeared with Watanabe Minayo* (ex- Onyanko Club). There's Akina too (1:05) celebrating Halloween in the US

^ there's Matsumoto Iyo appeared in split second (0:01). Iyo was a popular TV presenter back then.

^ looked like Kikuchi Momoko's little sister



And........ this is Nishimura Tomomi in January 2022:

^ 51 years old with grown-up daughter, but still cute. 


Few months earlier from October 2021:


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Sun, 02/10/2022 - 04:13

Nishimura Tomomi with other idols:


Tomomi with Kikuchi Momoko and Kyon2 in Yoru no Hit Studio:


Tomomi and Sakai Noriko in Yoru no Hit Studio

^ Sakai Noriko was already too cute, to add Tomomi in the same screen, it was cuteness overload !



Nishimura Tomomi and Sakai Noriko in 1988

^ Oginome Yoko's cameo in 0:43



Tomomi with Nakamori Akina (3:32) , Hayami Yuu (0:50) and a lot of other idols:



Tomomi with Takai Mamiko



Tomomi briefly appeared in video of Wink singing One Night In Heaven :

^ Tomomi appeared in a split second in (2:04). There's also Kyon2 (1:58;  she was everywhere). They also talked about other idols in (1:53) like Asaka Yui, Kyon2, Kudo Shizuka. There's easter egg of other idols even in Wink video. And there was once again a coincidence: among the postcards on the board in 1:53, right beside Tomomi's postcard was a postcard from fans to a boyband called "CHA-CHA". About 7-8 years later, Nishimura Tomomi would got married with one of the ex-member of CHA-CHA (seems like they met for the first time in 1991, about 1-2 years after that video).. 



Nishimura Tomomi during idols vacation in Hawaii, 1987:

She was a big fan of Kikuchi Momoko, even her alarm clock was Kikuchi Momoko's merchandise. She was also said to be very happy to have a seat next to Momoko in the plane during their trip. In one of the day during the tv shoot in Hawaii, she was said to have seasickness that all those all idols took care of her.





in modern days:


Nishimura Tomomi, Nanno and fellow retro idol: Moriguchi Hiroko in 2012

^ Nanno somehow always speaks in some kind of accent since she was young



Nishimura Tomomi, Watanabe Minayo* (ex-Onyanko Club), Hayami Yuu, Matsumoto Iyo in 2019:



Heartwarming reunion of highschool friends after 31 years: Nishimura Tomomi, Sakai Noriko and one other friend: Fujimoto Kyoko (a popular actress in their era)

(0:57) at least two Onyanko Club ex-members were also their classmates

(1:28) old photo of Tomomi, Noriko and Fujimoto Kyoko that they would recreated later

(4:07) the heartwarming reunion after 31 years

(12:45) wear the same uniforms again

(14:58) recreate the old photos, take pictures in the same poses

(18:57) hang out together like in their younger days

(21:46) karaoke time!

(22:58) Aoi Usagi usually performed in big stage now brought into small karaoke room

(25:16) Sakai Noriko's message where she used her Nori-P signature again in the end


uji nauji na    Mon, 03/10/2022 - 01:37

I have not seen her very, very, long time. She was called 不思議ちゃん (mysterious girl? may be. Or may be Strange girl)
She always did funny things on TV show.

And Nori-P is so cute. Regular smile

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Mon, 03/10/2022 - 01:49

She looks cute and funny, even in her 50s (like in that school reunion video). Seems like she is very active in reality show.


Yes, no retro idols can match Nori-P when it comes to cuteness.  (;^ω^)

uji nauji na    Mon, 03/10/2022 - 02:13

I checked google and Tomomi is now busy being "a mother". Her daughter seems hating her mother. ^^;

May be her daughter is in "rebellious age" (to their parents). 反抗期. Young people are pointy and fastidious.

RetroPandaRetroPanda    Mon, 03/10/2022 - 02:19

It's hard to be a parent. lol

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