water under the bridge

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Idiomatic translations of "water under the bridge"

Der er løbet meget vand i åen siden da
Das ist Schnee von gestern
E' acqua passata
de domeniul trecutului
Es agua pasada
det är glömt nu
köprünün altından çok sular aktı
Eski çamlar bardak oldu.
Mazide kalmak

Meanings of "water under the bridge"


ماء تحت الجسر (الترجمة الحرفية) ، تعنى
المشاكل التى كانت فى الماضى و لا يجب القلق بشأنها لأنه قد مر زمن طويل عليها

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Problems that someone has had in the past that they do not worry about because they happened a long time ago and cannot now be changed.
-Yes, we did have our disagreements but that's water under the bridge now.

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Kurdish (Kurmanji)

ئەزمونگەلى تاڵى ڕابردوو كە دەبێ لەبیر بكرێن

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تجربه هاي تلخ گذشته كه باید فراموش بشن

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Что-то произошедшее в прошлом, что уже нельзя изменить - и потому не стоящее переживаний/не вызывающее былых эмоций.

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"water under the ..." in lyrics

Natti Natasha - Who knows?

and today I haven't stopped thinking
that I was a coward and lying
by swearing to you he was already water under the bridge

Frozen (OST) - Let it go and forget

Just let it go and forget
All is water under the bridge
Just let it go and forget

Stamatis Kraounakis - Kiss me

You tell me: "Before it's all water under the bridge,
rush over other times when the time itself stops."
You want to cast the shadows away
[so that] the mental trips

Bob Dylan - Things Have Changed

Only a fool in here would think he’s got anything to prove

Lot of water under the bridge, lot of other stuff too
Don’t get up gentlemen, I’m only passing through

Eminem - Stepping Stone

I wish that we would've politicked with
Maybe y'all coulda clicked and got you some features
But that's water under the bridge
But I'm washing my sins in it til my conscious is clear

Adel Tawil - So far and even further

Because even from hundred miles away I can recognize your envious look
Forget the others, they are against us
There's so much water under the bridge
I'm gonna need to flush it soon

Adele - Water Under the Bridge

Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so
Say that our love ain’t water under the bridge
Say that our love ain’t water under the bridge.

DAOKO - Romance Deliquent

Cherry blossoms of disappointment and confusion bloom
Soon I'll tire of it, so it's water under the bridge
I play the part of a slightly sentimental girl

Francesco De Gregori - Travel Companions

She asked for the password, for the entry code to his pain. He said "Not now, we already discussed it too often, rather help me to be quick, you know my flight will depart in just over two hours."
He heard the phone ring in the frozen room and suddenly awoke and realized he was only dreaming about her.
He wondered who he was and thought "It's all water under the bridge". He stopped searching for answers, he felt that the cough was arriving. He got up to open the shutters but outside the night seemed to have just begun.

Sylvie Vartan - Nicolas

A boy child, his eyes too big, on a platform, crying
It has snowed a lot[fn]I think this mains "a lot of sad, dull days". Although it looks a bit like: "there'a been a lot of water under the bridge" French has that same idiom and the lyrics avoid it, which suggests that "snowed" here is a reference back to "snow in the first verse[/fn] since then, down there, in Paris
He know nothing about me or my life,

Capital Inicial - Don't look back

If does not make sense,disagree with me
It's no big deal,water under the bridge
Choose a road

Ana Moura - Water Under The Bridge

I expect, with resigned tears
That this story, were the story to be considered
Would be one day for me water under the bridge

Tom Waits - A Sight for Sore Eyes

Hey sight for sore eyes it's a long time no see
workin hard hardly workin hey man you know me
water under the bridge didya see my new car
well it's bought and it's payed for parked outside of the bar

Preslava - Final words

You're watching (me) coldly, I'm watching (you) coldly.
I can start crying from this insult.
Everything's over - water under the bridge.[fn value="1"]"Пито платено" is an idiomatic expression in Bulgarian that means that both parties have gotten what they wanted and everything is over and nothing more can be done. I couldn't think of an idiomatic expression in English that means exactly that so I decided to use "water under the bridge." I think it's close enough and fits pretty well the context of the song.[/fn]
I'll leave (you), I'll leave (you).

Lifehouse - It is what it is

We hit a wall and we can't get over it
Nothing to relive
It's water under the bridge
You said it, I get it

Fabrizio Moro - Italy belongs to Everyone

Italy belongs to everyone to those who met it
during the years of lead
in the water under the bridge
To those who stayed silent with too much omertà

Juanes - To be immortal

Lonely heart
The time is up for crying
It's water under the bridge (the past stays in the past)
And what is done, is done

Miranda! - Water

I don't believe it.

Clear water under the bridge
and in the bridge you and I

Feminnem - I Don't Need That

Afterwords you try, just go and make no more mistakes
Once, long time ago we felt what joy is
Water under the bridge, irreversible like the youth
God is my witness, you return bad for every good

Allie X - Never Enough

[Verse 2]
Dreams become memories
And water under the bridge
And drown in these blankets