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  • Hubert von Goisern

    Weit, weit weg → English translation

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far, far away

The days are much shorter now
And leaves fall from the trees
And on the alpine pass
There lies some snow.
From the mountain a cold wind blows
The sun has already gone down
And I would love you to be close to me.
Now your so far, far away
So far, far away from me!
Now your so far, far away
So far, far away from me.
That hurts me so, come here to me....
You was like the Summer wind
That blows through my hair,
Just like warm rain upon my skin.
I can still smell your wet hair
And feel the touch of your hand on my face.
And how you gazed deep into my eyes.
Repeat Refrain
Now a month is almost gone
Since we embraced each other
And sank into each other's arms.
It sometimes feels like yesterday
And sometimes like an eternity
And sometimes I fear it was just a dream.
Repeat Refrain
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Weit, weit weg

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