Sephardic Folk - Azeremoz una merenda (English translation)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

Azeremoz una merenda

Azeremoz una merenda
kualo hora vo lo diray?
yar aman, enrumé aman
La una kita l'alzeite
de un teneke hasta die.
yar aman, enrumé aman.
La otra kita l'arina
de un saco hasta diez.
yar aman, enrumé aman.
Para hazer burmueloz
en los diaz de Hanuka.
yar aman, enrumé aman.
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English translation

We'll have a party

We'll have a party,
- what time? I'll let you know.
my beloved aman, enrumé1 aman
It needs a can of oil,
one to ten cans,
my beloved aman, enrumé aman.
The other for flour,
a sack, maybe ten
my beloved aman, enrumé aman.
So I can make burmuelos2
for the ten days of Hanukah,
my beloved aman, enrumé aman.
  • 1. this line is in Turkish, the singer clearly says 'enrumé' but I'm not sure if that's the correct word. The closest word in Turkish is 'erime' (to waste away) or 'esrime' (to be in a trance).
  • 2. known as 'fried donuts' or 'Turkish donuts', they're served during Hanukah.
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