Ahlam - Wemestagreb (English translation)

English translation

and you wonder

and you wonder! what happened between you and me is normal
despite the kindness that inhibited me, I couldn't become softer
how could I be soft when you got me used to cruelty?
I couldn't ignore my hatred for all our sweet moments
I swear by my most truthful tears, my purity and the whiteness of my palms
I'm going to shut the door in your face and remove both of my eyes
so I don't see you or hear you, and I will change my addresses
it's unfair for me to bring my highness down, it's not just one or two cuts
because of my good intentions I gave you the best of my years
I gave you a chance and you missed it. my chance has come to pay my dues
I will break your high tower down, I will even out the weights
I have pride that doesn't make me allow the playing on both sides of the fence
I wrote you into history and you tried to write me out
I will not let you stain it, even if it made me cry blood for years
dying with dignity is better than making my longing bend me down
I won't waste my time with someone who's double faced
I've thrown you to the farthest borders of disregard, I'm better off without you
without so-called lovers who've mastered the game of the good people
may god take you away from my world and become forbidden to my eyes
there's no way I'm regretting it. Amen to that, no, a thousand amen
I was loyal to you to the full extent, now I'm paying for this sin
talking to someone like you now is out of humbleness
I'm turning my back on you, and you're not a human that matters to me
god rest your soul and forgive you; you're considered one of the dead
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لك الحرية في استخدام ترجماتي كيفما شئت طالما وضعت الرابط لها
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