wenn man vom Teufel spricht....

Submitted by gutefee on 14.11.2017

wenn man vom Teufel spricht.... (German) — lit.transl.: when you talk about the devil...
expl.: some people sit together and talk about e.g. Peter,
then, all of a sudden, the door opens and in comes Peter -
then you shout: "wenn man vom Teufel spricht..." adding
in mind: (then he comes in).

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Translations of "wenn man vom Teufel spricht..."

Arabic (other varieties)جبنا ف سيرة القط جه ينط
AzerbaijaniAdını çək, qulağını bur
Englishspeak of the devil
Arabic, English #1, #2, Turkish
FrenchEn parlant du loup...
SpanishHablando del rey de Roma.