Better Life Team - West Hammi (وسط همي) (English translation)


West Hammi (وسط همي)

وسط همي
وقت ضيقي
في كل مرة بنادي عليك
لي مين غيرك بيسمع
لي مين باجري عليه
وسط خوفي انت الامان
انت فرحي في الأحزان
أنت واهب اللي لي
أنت خالق قلبي في
ليه هعيش لو مش معاك
تمن حياتي كان دماك
ايه هاحتاج وانت معايا
أنت لي أنت الكفاية
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English translation

During my Times of Hardship

During my times of hardship
and through my distress
I always call upon you every time
Who would listen to me other than you?
To whom do I run?
When I am scared, you are safety
You are my happiness through sad times
You bestowed upon me all I have
You have created my heart in me
Why would I live if I'm not with you?
The price of my life was your blood
What else would I need when you are by my side
You are all I need
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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