What Are Heavy? (Romanian translation)


What Are Heavy?

What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow;
What are brief? Today and tomorrow;
What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth;
What are deep? The ocean and truth.
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Romanian translationRomanian (metered, poetic)
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Ce-i apăsător a fi ?!

Ce-i impotmolitoare/apăsătoare-a fi ? Cele nisipuri și suferințe
Ce-i precum o străfulgerare-a fi ? Cea zi de azi, dar și de mâine
Ce-i trecătoare/ palitoare-a fi ? Cea primăvăratecă-mbobocire și cea tinerețe
Ce-i adâncime profundă a avea ? Cel ocean dar și cel adevăr grăit
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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Non Literal translation.
Adaptation of the contextual text meaning

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