What's with Andy? (Russian (dialects) translation)

  • Artist: Ian James Corlett
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  • Translations: Chinese, Russian, Russian (dialects), Tongan

What's with Andy?

Woah woah, what's with Andy, what-what's with Andy.
Woah woah, what's with Andy, what-what's with Andy.
Hi, I'm Andy,*
I'm gonna clear a train with my own brand of stink.
Started out as a prank but then got way out of hand.
See now the whole town is shouting, hey, what's with andy.
I'm the best, I'm the greatest joker of them all.
What's with Andy, what-what's with Andy.
I'm a trick playing gangster, an artist, a prankster.
What's with Andy, what-what's with Andy.
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*Depending on the episode

Just Stuffing: Hi, I'm Andy, I'm kinda in a mess, I hit the school dance in my sister's new dress.
Gooey Chewies: Hi, I'm Andy, potentially cool, the girl I really like thinks I'm an April fool.
Beat the Bomb: Hi, I'm Andy, I dance like a monkey, my radio pranks went from funny to funky.
Rhyme Time: Hi, I'm Andy, in case you haven't heard, my sister challenged me to try to rhyme every word.
Food Fight: Hi, I'm Andy, my jokes are out of sight, today I caused a town wide massive food fight.
101 Underpants/Playing Dead: Hi, I'm Andy, I wanna stay in bed; for a simple solution, I'll pretend to be dead.
The Show Must Go On: Hi, I'm Andy, my last name Larkin, before this days out I'll be back in kindergarten.
Emergency Spew Relish/Busting: Hi, I'm Andy, tell me what you think, I'm gonna clear a train with my own brand of stink.
Very Bad Idea/Cockroaches: Hi, I'm Andy, be right back soon, I'm joy riding tied to a weather balloon.
It Came From East Gackle: oHi, I'm Andy, a super prankin' ace. Towns all freaked out' bout creatures from outer space.
Campaign in the Butt: Hi, I'm Andy, That needs no correction. I'm stirring up some trouble in the school election.
Road Trip/Snow Job: Hi, I'm Andy, if things go my way, I'll be pulling off the first man made snow day.
Best Enemies: Hi, I'm Andy, enough about that, check out what happens when I mess with a goon's hat.
Mascot: Hi, I'm Andy, I'm gonna take a shot, at messin' all around with the school's mascot.
Wag the Kid: Hi, I'm Andy, a joke-playin' freak, I'm gonna be the Mayor of the city this week.
Little Foot/Grandpa Crazy: Hi, I'm Andy, the joker that rocks, the neighbours think someone is stealing their socks.
Un-Masked Marauders: Hi, I'm Andy, I'm down but not out, I might just get my butt whooped in a wrestling bout.
The Great American Lock-In: Hi, I'm Andy, I'm nobody's fool! My friend and I are gonna get locked up in school.
Teendreamboats: Hi, I'm Andy, how's this for a scam? My buddies and I are gonna start a cool band.
Pranks a Lot: Hi, I'm Andy, don't think I'm cheesy. To dupe the whole town kinda sounded too easy.
The Royal Secret Society Of Zombies: Hi, I'm Andy, hear what I'm talking? Better run and hide, cause I see zombies out walking.
Bring it Off: Hi, I'm Andy. You know what? I rule! Guess who just became the best cheerleader in school.
Gnome for the Holidays: Hi, I'm Andy, I'm stuck home alone, gonna practice big pranks on an unsuspecting gnome.
Merry Chaos: Hi, I'm Andy, in case ya didn't hear it, I'm showing the town I got some holiday spirit.
Very Scary Stuff: Hi, I'm Andy, in jokes I'm undaunted. My sister Jen's freaked cause the house may be haunted.
The Answers: Hi, I'm Andy, they call me the best, some trouble might be brewing on the upcoming test.

Russian (dialects) translationRussian (dialects)
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Чо с Енди?

Вааву вааву, чо с Енди, чо-чо-чо же с Енди
Вааву вааву, чо с Енди, чо-чо-чо же с Енди
Здорово, я Енди, мекай всьо чо хош
Шшас высеребрю пряху свойой же душнотой
Зачал балагуркой, дык всьо пайдало в сумьоту
Зырь: целой город-от бзырит, ей, чо с Енди
Я голомной, самокляшшой балагур из всех
Чо с Енди, чо-чо-чо же с Енди
Я хиткодошлой ганстер, игрец, удирушка
Чо с Енди, чо-чо-чо же с Енди
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Siberian translation

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ScieraSciera    Sat, 07/09/2019 - 15:31

"Siberian"? I know that there are dozens of languages spoken in Siberia, but which one is this translated into?
To me, it looks quite like something related to Russian.

bignavigatorbignavigator    Sat, 07/09/2019 - 16:40

It's translated into Siberian (Not to be confused with Siberian Tatar), the regional language of Siberian old-timers (Basically Slavs who have been living in Siberia for several generations). Both Russian and Siberian are East Slavic, that's why they look similar. But unlike Russian, anything in Siberian is written as it's spoken. For example, жы-шы in Russian is written with Ы [ɨ] but spoken with И /i/, while in Siberian жы-шы is both written and spoken with Ы.

ScieraSciera    Sat, 07/09/2019 - 16:46

Thanks! So it's basically Russian with a different orthography? Or how much does it differ from that?
What you wrote here also differs from what some wrote in the thread you opened, which would be that it's a lingua franca between different regional varieties of Russian.

bignavigatorbignavigator    Sat, 07/09/2019 - 17:35

No problem. The language is mostly based on certain North Russian dialects spoken in Siberia, which may be considered a separate language due to several centuries of isolation from European Russia. Jaroslav Zolotariov, our Siberian linguist, Volgota leader, and Siberian Wikipedia's founder, had been conversing with Siberian old-timers for a long time, and codified a lot of words that don't exist in other languages (incl. Standard Russian).

Orthography isn't the only thing that differentiates Siberian from Russian. Siberian possesses okanne (lit. «o-ing»), while Russian possesses akanne (lit. «a-ing»). That means Russian has more sounds more or less close to /a/, while Siberian is more into /o/ sounds.

We also have more Time Tenses (Mainly Past ones) and 4 aspects (Compared to Russian 2). For example:
Я сдеявшы = I've done;
Я деявшы = I've done (Note that this one is used when the subject can't repeat the action any longer);
Я был сдеял = I had done;
Я сдеивал = I had been doing (with result);
Я деивал = I had been doing (without result);
Я сдеял = I did (with result);
Я деял = I did (without result)

In Russian, it's represented by only two forms: Я сделал (Perfect) & Я делал (Imperfect).

Siberian also uses postfixed articles. For example, Бог-от = the God where Бог = God, and -от = the. The Siberian article has several different forms depending on the grammatical gender, the grammatical case, and rather the word is singular or plural.

In addition, Siberian has a lot of its own words to replace Western loan words that are commonly used in Russian. For example: telephone = дальнослух (Corresponding to RU телефон); cover (music) = нахлобучка (Corresponding to RU кавер).

That's the most important I can think of.

ScieraSciera    Sat, 07/09/2019 - 18:05

That's quite interesting!
In my native language, the dialects and standard language also differ in the aspect/tense system. E.g. the western dialects have developed a new progressive aspect, and many dialects use only one of the two preterite tenses of the standard.

A.S.MA.S.M    Sun, 15/09/2019 - 00:05

Какой бред!!!!

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