what's eating you?

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what's eating you? (English) — An expression used when it's obvious that another person is upset, frustrated about someone or something. slang
When you say 'hi' to someone and they get mad and start ranting might be, "What's eating you?"
The literal idea might be of an actual parasite that is causing pain and discomfort (while eating you).

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what's eating you? — sorun ne?

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Translations of "what's eating you?"

Hebrewמה בוער בך

"what's eating you?" in lyrics

You will only break my heart
Tell me your thoughts now baby
Tell me what's on your mind
Tell me what's eating you alive
Tell me your latest story
What will it be this time

Delta Goodrem - You Will Only Break My Heart

When did we stop being?

Maybe you should tell me what is up with you
What's eating you up at night?
Tell me all that's bothering you
And every tear that's on your face

Sarit Hadad - Hey Sister

Without seeming to
I don't know what's eating you away
It's not that clear
I don't know what's eating you away
But you're burying yourself away

Bagarre - The Chasm