white whale

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Meanings of "white whale"


used in "to chase a white whale"
or "to find a white whale"
Meaning to pursuit something so rare, that is usually unobtainable. Could be a lifetime pursuit.
Origin: "Moby-Dick; or, The Whale" is an 1851 novel by American writer Herman Melville, where main character (unsuccessfully) chases white whale.

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"white whale" in lyrics

The Away Days - White Whale

Please stop the rain
And your ego's wraith
The White whale flows around the earth

Raffi - Baby Beluga

The heaven above and the sea below
And a little white whale on the go
You're just a little white whale on the go

Galileo Galilei - Door of the Tide

Definitely, Definitely
A white whale was crying out, far away in the sea,
The name etched in the door

Melnitsa - Never

Dreams are out on a hunt
For a bear, for our parting, they have tightly strung bows
And a harpoon for a white night and a white whale

Melnitsa - Never

It's dreams coming for us, the dreams are coming on a hunt,
For a bear, for a parting they carry taut bows,
And harpoon for a white night and a white whale.

Mastodon - Blood and Thunder

And look him straight in the eye

White whale - holy grail

Santiano - Moby Dick

Moby Dick
"There blows the white whale!"

Czesław Miłosz - So little

of desert islands.

The white whale of the world
snatched me down into the depths with him.

Crookers - Hold Up Your Hand

In a studio in Hollywood

Built a great white Whale
Speak directly to my brain

Wickeda - The captain said...

and hang everyone on the masts, even the cook!

We're always looking for a white whale or a treasure!
Everyone on the masts, even the cook! (x2)

Moonspell - Ancient Winter Goddess

Oh! Freezing breezes, rain and snow
- Winter is my domain -
Oh! White Whale, Leviathan
-Water is my domain-