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Why did you come back to me, sorrow? (Spanish translation)


Why did you come back to me, sorrow?

Why did you come back to me, sorrow?
Maybe you want me to be ruined tomorrow
I am just a girl made of glass
And can't fight against you, alas
My heart is broken into pieces
But your insistence never ceases
All my old wounds are open
And all words have already been spoken
You always laugh when I cry
I will gift you my tears in the eye
Again you made me crazy
And I feel like withered daisy
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¿Por qué volviste a mí, tristeza?

¿Por qué volviste a mí, tristeza?
Tal vez desees que mañana esté en ruinas;
ta solo soy una chica de cristal
y no puedo luchar contra ti, ay.
Tengo el corazón hecho añicos
pero tu insistencia nunca cesa.
Todas mis viejas heridas se reabren
y todas las palabras ya se han dicho.
Siempre te ríes cuando lloro,
te regalaré las lágrimas de mis ojos.
Volviste a enloquecerme
y me siento cual margarita marchita.
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