Wicked (musical) - Making Good


Making Good

That hatched faced hag who is pointing at me with a sneer,
I don't see her
Those giggling girls with the whispers they want me to hear,
I don't hear them
The boy with a spit ball behind me, if I suddenly turn,
Oh look, he'd lost his nerve,
Right now, I'm their prey, right now, I'm their quarry,
But they'll come a day, they all will be sorry,
And sorry will be all that they deserve.
At long, long last I'm making my way out of here!
Erase the past,it's as of today, clean and clear!
Today I start my quest, to find my special destiny,
Doing more then just the best I could.
'Cause in my gut I know I can do something great,
I don't know what yet but when I'm through,
Just you wait!
When they see all I've done,
they'll tell me you're so wonderful,
We wish back then we'd understood,
You'd be making good.
Good, I'll be making good, undertaking
New inventions or discoveries,
Maybe find a cure for some disease,
Maybe I could make world hunger cease
Or else maybe paint, a masterpiece,
Something that astounds,
Something that amazes,
Something that has everybody, singing my praises!
At long, long last I'm taking my turn,
And my oh my,
Just watch how fast I'm going to learn,
How to fly!
Just watch the lightning strike,
And when they can see what I can do,
All Oz will love me like they should,  In all likelihood,
Once I'm making good.
My future is, unlimited,
And I've just had a vision almost like a prophecy,
I know,
You can call me crazy,
And true, the vision's hazy,
But I swear someday they'll be,
A celebration through out Oz,
That's all to do with me
You'll see,
At long, long last their cheering my name and once more,
Guess what old bastard's come here to claim,
Credit for, this magic child of his,
To say how proud he is of me,
For doing things the wizard could not even contemplate,
So you can go ahead and laugh,
Till you sides are aching,
But if I do half of the wonders I feel waking,
You'll be cheering after I am finished making good,
No, not making good,
Making great!
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