The Wiggles - Wake Up Jeff!

  • Artist: The Wiggles
  • Also performed by: Wigglemania, DJ Party Jr., Bluejuice
  • Album: Wake Up Jeff! (1996)

Wake Up Jeff!

Wake Up Jeff! Everybody's wiggling
Wake Up Jeff! We really need you
Wake Up Jeff! You're missing all the fun now
Wake Up Jeff, before the day's through!
What's that sound? I can hear somebody snoring
What's that sound? It's not Murray or Greg
Anthony's awake so let's have another guess now
Oh my goodness, it must be Jeff!
Dorothy the Dinosaur is munching on some roses
Wags the Dog is digging up bones
Henry the Octopus is dancing round in circles
Wake Up, Jeff, We need you for the show!
Ight, can you keep that noise down?
I'm trying to sleep!
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Also appears on Karaoke Songs 1 (2005), It's Time To Wake Up Jeff! (2006), Splish Splash Big Red Boat (2006), Hot Potatoes! The Best Of The Wiggles (2009/2013), Hit Songs & Rarities (2012), Hot Potatoes & Cold Spaghetti! (2015), The Best Of The Wiggles On Vinyl (2016).