Wine and dine

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Wine and dine (English) — When someone is treated to an expensive meal

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Wine and dine — наслаждаться дорогими винами и изысканными блюдами; потчевать; угощать; принимать кого-л.; накормить и напоить кого-л.

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"Wine and dine" in lyrics

[Pre-Chorus: Ariana Grande]
I don't need a dozen roses
You ain't gotta wine and dine, no
I don't need a pretty poet
Oooh, gettin' all emotional

Nicki Minaj - Get On Your Knees

We can settle at a table..
A table for two
Won't you wine and dine with me?
Settle down

Kimbra - Settle Down

Some people hang you out to dry like a towel rack
I'm all about "I", give the rest of the vowels back
I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine
Eat her til she cry, call that "wine and dine"
Try to check me and I'm-a have em checkin pulses
They say "choose wisely" that's why I was chosen

Lil Wayne - She will

everybody’s dancin’ and the band’s top volume.

Grind to the rhythm as we wine and dine.


Hamilton (musical) - Helpless

I think I'm goin crazy

Girl, me and you were just fine (you know)
We wine and dine
Did them things that couples do when in love (you know)
Walks on the beach and stuff (you know)

The Black Eyed Peas - Shut up

Rolled in the Pink I picked up some Cuervo
Walking sideways and I'm starting to swerv-o
Last I was robbed put my money a jumbos
Wine and dine, tig ol' bitties and bimbos
Hollywood rap pack, gats in my back pack
Cruise through your valley and I'm snatchin' your snapback

Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects

Steamy windows
Coming from the body heat

You can wine and dine with a man all night
With good intent
But there is something about a confrontation on a back road

Tina Turner - Steamy Windows

Make you bod all night feel the wickedest wine (focus every time)

So watch me slow wine baby
And I wine and dine baby
Make your mouth water with this heat
Me done work it, what is your weakness

Shontelle - Focus Pon Me

[Pre-Chorus: Katy Perry]
Let me take you
Under candle light
We can wine and dine
A table for two
And it's okay

Katy Perry - Bon Appétit

I ain't drivin' when it's goin', now pour me another cup
This your favorite song on, don't tell me you in a rush
When I give you all I have, you tell me it ain't enough
I've been tryna clear our mind and wine and dine ya
See I know just how you like it, I'll back behind ya
If I look up at the stars, ain't hard to find ya, ayy

Calvin Harris - Cash Out

The truth is brutal, your grandma's kugel
Kings County is my stomping ground
The Albee Square Mall, Brooklyn, Downtown
So don't ask me to wine and dine ya
I'm from Brooklyn you're from Regina
You're like Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam

Beastie Boys - Hey Fuck You

gonna eat it up and lick the plate.
They say we’re runnin’ out of time,
how come you’re the one that I’m
always trying to wine and dine,
guess it’s cause you’re so damn fine.
Tik-tok forget the clock

Viktor Király - Running Out Of Time

The nights we dine at Hotel Ritz

One more toast to greet the morn
The wine and dine have danced till dawn
Where's my Continental Bride?
We'll Continental slip and slide

Procol Harum - Grand Hotel

The way you're chewing your gum it wrecks my head
Why don't you bite on these words that I'm saying baby
TV, TV we watch it all the time
Whatever happened to the roses, and wine and dine

How on earth, or don't you know

B*Witched - If It Don't Fit

I came to the city
long before my time
trying to make my fortune
eat well wine and dine
But boy when I got here
it went the other way

Son Seals - Buzzard Luck