Gacharic Spin - WINNER (English translation)

English translation


If I stumble, fall, and cry, look - even if I hang my head today,
I was born to grasp the light of victory - I believe in myself, and run
When I close my eyes, “You’re not alone,”
Everyone’s voices are echoing
In this style (So!So!So!)
I’ll win and move up, WINNER!
Setbacks and such- (No!No!No!)
Get ready! Just you wait!
I believe in infinite power! I’ll grasp the future
This dream is, yeah, everyone’s dream
Now I’ll fight, (War) I won’t lose (Days)
I’ll definitely show you!
Because the winner’s landscape is there
That day I climbed the sloping road, look - I was worn out
Though I kept thinking it was hopeless, I got back up
Covered in wounds, I searched
The reason I could laugh and say it was ok
Is because everyone’s here now
I believe in infinite power! I’ll move forward in this world
I’ve chased after the winner’s path
This fight, (War) I won’t give it up (Days)
That right! I’ll puff out my chest
The glory of triumph is now
Breathe together and move ahead
Add speed and move ahead
Today too
Tomorrow too
Pile it up in your heart
The scenery you see changes and shines
If I believe in infinite power, forever,
It’ll surely come true. Like it’s life or death,
This force, (War) I won’t let it up (Days)
Definitely! I’ll win for you!
The goddess of victory smiled here
I’ll outrun the bounds of this single human life
Because I won’t lose
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