Wir Wehren Uns (English translation)

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We fight back

We are these people, all hollow and silent
The world goes under and no one asks why
Instead of stopping the exploitation of the world
Your life only revolves around fucking money
Everywhere only squares, I can no longer see it.
We are all going to be squares if we do not fight back
What kind of people sit on their high horse
Who are happy when we rummage through the shit
Who legislate how we should think
Who only waits until the devil take us.
Everywhere only fat cats...
We are all going to be fat cats...
What kind of people wear green uniforms
They fight for the state's sick standards
With a club in their hand at the demonstration they are in the first rows
Everywhere just pigs
We all want to be five-o. [1}
What kind of people, even today shout "Sieg Heil!"
They fight for a strong 4th Reich
As if those who think differently and are from other countries are the boogeyman.
There, where only a real German counts for something
But we fight back- Fuckin' Faces...
Submitted by Andrew Dangerously on Sat, 04/02/2017 - 16:25
Author's comments:

[1] Pejorative term for the police. Literally, "Bulls". In America they call them pigs or 5-0. 5-0 refers to the popular detective drama, Hawaii 5-0

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Wir Wehren Uns

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