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Wir wollen doch einfach nur zusammen sein (English translation)

  • Artist: Udo Lindenberg
  • Song: Wir wollen doch einfach nur zusammen sein Album: Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria
English translationEnglish

We Just Want To Be Together

Introduce yourself, you're coming to East Berlin
And there you meet a really hot girl
A really hot girl from Pankow 1
And you find that she's very important to you
And you to her as well
Then it's already gone so far
You feel that you'd like to be together
And you dream of a rock festival at Alexanderplatz 2
With the Rolling Stones and a band from Moscow
But suddenly it's already ten past eleven
And she says: Hey, you have to get back over there by twelve at the latest
Otherwise there'll be a lot of hassle
Because you only have a day ticket
Girl from East Berlin
That was really hard
I had to go, although I would have loved to stay
I'll come back
And maybe someday without all this hassle
Something must be done in the long run!
I hope the guys fix this soon
Because we just want to be together
Maybe for a bit longer
Maybe a little closer
We just want to be together
  • 1. Large district in Berlin
  • 2. Large public square in Berlin
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Wir wollen doch einfach nur zusammen sein

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