to within

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to within (English) — очень точно

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to within — To within is often used to express exact parameters, to identify exactness, precision. When metal is machined for very small tolerances in use, it is often drilled, lathed, finished, etc. 'to within' hundredths or thousandths of an/a inch/centimeter.

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Translations of "to within"

Englishto the nearest
LatinAd unguem
Russianс точностью до

"to within" in lyrics

the hesitations will become "little sparkles"

eager, fleeding glances
(to) within my soul, illuminating corners
I fear not ...
you have become "wind"

Stefanos Korkolis - We cannot (bear it)

Come closer
Don't get too far from me!
Come enjoy the party that makes everyone shake
The sound that comes to within us and goes to the heart
It pumps in the vein burns and turns love
Kiss, dating rub up and take my lipstick

Banda Calypso - It Prickled

All I need
Is someone like you
My dearest darling
Please love me to
Within my heart
I pray your answer's yes

Etta James - My Dearest Darling

They taught me discipline at boarding school
The consequences of breaking the rules
They said "we're just being cruel to be kind"
As they beat me to within an inch of my life

So chain me, restrain me and teach me to kneel

Divine Comedy - Bang goes the knighthood