Xavier Naidoo - Wo willst du hin (English translation)

English translation

Where do you want to go?

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Where do you want to go?
Because it doesn't make any sense
To walk away
I hold you tight
Search for you north, east south and west
to beg you not to leave
I'll search you, have to find you
Invade every country
Must tie myself on your path
Spin and turn every stone
Everywhere you will be
I'll find this place
When you're going to forgive me
I'll find you my dear
It will end
The way you want it to
Do you remember when you laid next to me in the sun
I'll do anything
That you say
I'll be there for you when you ask for me
Don't think to long when I stand before you
And tell you that I'm only going to leave with you
I'll bring you home
But until then I won't rest
For days I don’t know whether I will see her ever again
Perhaps they will not let her come to me ever again
For days I can only long for her presence
Oh I will die without her
If only she would be here once more
Oh I cannot read this letter
Cause oh in this letter she says goodbye
Our love cannot survive
And with opening this letter we will die
Why didn’t we flee long ago?
And why didn’t I see this coming?
Oh now my happiness is lost forever
(Don't know how to translate this one either)
I don’t know, what I will say
(don't know how to translate this)
That, which we feared most
Has happened and put me down
Father is unreasonable
Threatens me with everything
With which one can frighten me
and paralyse me
Don’t know how this will go
Don’t know a way out of this
I only pray that just one difficult trial
Doesn’t destroy me completely
Yet without her love I cannot live
And without her presence I can’t go on, can’t go on.
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Wo willst du hin