Adam Angst - Wochenende, Saufen, Geil (English translation)

English translation

Weekend, Drinking, Awesome

Every Friday at 3pm the masses are getting in motion
Standing in front of the mirror for hours and drinking cheap booze from Rewe
Never mind where to, as long as it isn't home
For 5 days all that was playing was "Coldplay" and now it's "Mickie Krause"
They turn up the volume when waiting at a traffic light to get the girls to watch
But one just turns away to throw up on the pavement
But this doesn't really matter, the night's not over yet
'cause certainly someone will have some chewing gum
I say: "Wherever you end up tonight girl, just remember:
That this evening won't be awesome anymore, I already knew that before"
And the later it gets the uglier everything here becomes
Over there's a guy who eats a kebab like an animal
The sauce is dripping through his hands and then he looks over to me
He will certainly find true love, after all it's only 3.30am
Drinks are changing ownership at the bar
And the guests are paying with money and drops of saliva
The DJ's been playing "Depeche Mode" for an hour
But there's one guys who doesn't want to leave, he's dancing until he's got difficulty in breathing
I say: "Go on away home, there are no women left here!
Tonight is not your night at all, it's clear to both of us."
So go on home!
(Go on home)
Go on home!
(Go on home)
You're paying round after round
Say "goodby" to your monthly salary
The devil's not in the detail
He's in the alcohol
I know your one problem: you never find an end!
I know your one problem: and it's called alcohol
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Wochenende, Saufen, Geil