Woodland Realm (Spanish translation)

  • Artist: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (OST)
  • Song: Woodland Realm 6 translations
  • Translations: Arabic, English, Greek, Romanian, Spanish, Tongan
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Woodland Realm

Hae ephadron
Theri thaur
Am na dhû
Ias fîr i
A trehil i ‘alad ‘lân uir tri ‘wilith
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Lyrics contain both Sindarin and Khuzdul.

Liner notes:


Tauriel also yearns to understand more of the outside world, for there is also softness and kindness outside
the seclusion of Mirkwood—and its light can shine in the least-suspected places. Philippa Boyens’ text
“The White Light of Forever” acknowledges this openness in Tauriel’s character by combining Khuzdul and
Sindarin lyrics with probing harmonic progressions.

Spanish translationSpanish
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El reino del bosque

Voy caminando
Más allá del bosque
Donde el mundo desaparece
Y la luz blanca
De la eternidad llena el aire
Submitted by Vimto12Vimto12 on Fri, 13/12/2013 - 19:34
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traducida del inglés

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