Word of mouth

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Word of mouth (English) — "Verbal means of passing on information."

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Translations of "Word of mouth"

Croatian(Ići) od usta do usta
FrenchLe bouche à oreille
SpanishBoca a boca

"Word of mouth" in lyrics

What's my name? what's my name?

Yeah, I heard you good with them soft lips
Yeah you know word of mouth
The square root of 69 is 8 somethin', right?
'Cause I've been tryna work it out, oh

Rihanna - What's my name?


Word of mouth

Heldmaschine - Propaganda

But there's still so much to be learnt

And life, with so much generosity,
By the word of mouth, among friends,
Got me acquainted with you

Jorge Vercillo - Monalisa

They say that she sings at night
Locked in her bedroom
And the whole world repeats
The song by word of mouth
The daughter of Mr. Juan Alba
In the convent of La Paloma

Gracia de Triana - The Daughter of Mr. Juan Alba

Long time ago, a big shot said:
“What is essentioal, it’s word-of-mouth communication."

Rumors are in shimmering fogs

iosys - A woman of stealth marketing

but is it worth the blood of Malcolm and Mekka evers?
house niggas get your head sevet? trying to be thug
you don't concern me, I'm trying to hurt the people you love
Word of Mouth is I'm in the club being sneaky
I'm like the body snatchers in your girl as getting sleepy
I murder you indiscreetly, right at the source

Immortal Technique - Crossing The Boundary

Oh, mama don't take that train

I hear it said we're headed too far south
Chinese whispers go by word of mouth
Rules for every size and shape
The nag has gone, shut the gate

Deep Purple - Picture of Innocence

[Keri Hilson:]
All I know you the one that I heard about
Know you work your way up through word of mouth
Plus I'm a have to test you in and out
It's a dirty job but sometimes you gotta take it for the team

Kanye West - Take One For The Team

If the things I played ain't playing out
And if I switched the style up like 50 said
And wilded out and piled it up?
Fuck a hater, word of mouth ain’t never done shit for me
But spread the word that I’m the fucking hardest ever
Doesn’t really matter anymore

Snow tha Product - I Don't Wanna Leave Remix

Those the strings that you can’t pull
Yeah, and I could really dish it out
Come and get it from the source
Fuck with all the word of mouth
Golden State running practice at my house
Nigga, what am I about?

Drake - Summer Sixteen

and you are like the beloved Flamenco.

By word of mouth, they go
By word of mouth, they go
The rumors are jumping
Go and tell me it's a lie

Niña Pastori - By word of mouth

No, I can’t go on like this

Lately, I’ve done my best not to loose my head
Lately, I can tell by the word of mouth the things I’ve left unsaid

Tell me what to do now if I go crazy

Hanna Pakarinen - Tell me what to do

No one of them saw
You crying at night,
And there is people's word of mouth about you
That you always
Bring misfortune to men

Valery Meladze - Black Cat

They bury the country, the people takes it
But some day the bubble bursts
By word of mouth in the social networks
You hear truths that are not in the newspapers
Having a car is impossible

Boss Ac - Friday

Because we wore down the wheels on all the roads
We messed up all the clubs
You were there, not on the radio
Just word of mouth


Pleymo - United Nowhere

Bad luck is Fibra,
Youbought my CD and you sing it all by the heart
It's a scandal when you burnt it for half of the school
This is my word of mouth, this is the year "down with Vibra"
Double F is my initials guys

Fabri Fibra - A round of applause for Fibra

I want you to know I meant that
Gotta know that I sent that
Text in the middle of the night to tell your ass how to fuck that flight
Cause I can't sit at home, on your couch, listening to word of mouth
Bout how you been out and about, fucking hoes, [?]

Kehlani - Too Much

I heard about, you and your other situation
Through word of mouth
They made it seem so complicated
Is it over now?

Sevyn Streeter - Before I Do

Some for pay, and others for free
Peace for my brothers who are with me
They're the ones who'll inherit the kingdom
An old saying, from the word of mouth:
Either with the dick in the pussy, or with the soul in Heaven
You have to learn that stealing

Vexxatu Vexx - A hand

Expansion team takes rows, takes oceans, takes flight
Then takes over the stage till the morning breaks night
Word of mouth crew, make sure we pay right
Then Hendrix takes over my body, I blaze mics

dilated peoples - Pay Attention

Cause I wanna love you inside out
I wanna love you inside out
Show me what your inside bout
I don't wanna know the word of mouth
Cause I wanna love you inside out

Camila Cabello - Inside Out

Them smiles and back pats still ain’t helping the rent checks
Ain’t far from crack packs if I hursh these verses
Flippin words shit for an empty purse feels worthless
Listen, word of mouth done been a blessin and a curse
We reach heads but the only bread we see’s off shirt sales
Tours and shows spread all over the earth, well

CunninLynguists - What'll You Do?

All they known it friends and enemies
People who finished them penalties they solve them ties
They went home and they told the history in their neighborhood
By word of mouth the legend bruitted
By change I heard about it
And I had a crazy thought in my mind

Rapsodos Filologos - Doomed for deadly penalty

I tell you to believe me
And ask you to love me

Love me at day and at night, in writing and by word of mouth,
For my truth and my lies
For my sorrow

Alla Pugacheva - How many those who fell into this abyss*

All that tumbles down
Things that have gone south
Gone from green to brown
In the word of mouth

A reason why we're here

Ásgeir - Underneath It

Who could tell me in writing or by word of mouth, why sadness is inherent to cows?
Why is it lying on the pasture and not jumping?
Why is its mooing almost like crying?

And why would that cow be having fun with it?
If the yield of milk is always unsatisfactory and you’ve got to calve, too?

Andrey Makarevich - A dedication to a cow