Wring out/Ring out

Submitted by Ww Ww on 07.01.2017

Wring out/Ring out (English) — Totally different but sound alike.
1. Wring out is to twist, squeeze, and compress something to extract fluids like water from it. "The washer broke and I had to wring out the clothes by hand." "We had to do physicals today, Boy was I tired! They put us 'through the wringer' (scrutiny and toilsome physical work)". You can 'wring out' the story from someone. Meaning you get them to talk forcefully, coercively.
2. Ring out can mean to emit sound such as bells do, if can be what a cashier does when they are totaling your purchases on a register (the old ones did ring), 'punching out', 'ringing out' means to leave work by a recording device.

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