Written in stone

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Written in stone (English) — Used to emphasize that something is fixed and unchangeable. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Translations of "Written in stone"

EnglishSet in stone
EnglishCarved in stone
FrenchGravé dans le marbre

"Written in stone" in lyrics

Hey Hey
Your mom of mayhem just a child has got his own
Hey Hey
If god has plans for me I hope it ain't, written in stone
Hey Hey
Because I've been working working myself down to the bone

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

Ah, ah, ah
Whole life

When you turned around it was already written in stone
Had become someone else than who I had been
Ah, ah, ah

Veronica Maggio - Us against the world

If I try, can I find solid ground.

I follow elusive paths.
Oh, it seems they've been written in stone
and the door to a new life is closing so fast.
Burning the bridges will not bring me back.

Epica - Solitary Ground

Doesn't matter how long it takes. (Some people won't eat anything they've never seen before.) The farmer doesn't eat things he doesn't know. at first, as always, - refusal.
and on the barricades: thoughts and ideas
that the most necessary is possible. Like liberty and equality
that nothing is really impossible and written in stone
It's a progress: "Enough with cowardice"
History is progress within the conscience of freedom

Marcus Wiebusch - The Day Will Come

hoping you'll find me
and I disappeared cause I was afraid that the lights, they would just blind me
And I know I said, "let me alone."
But my heart left its footsteps written in stone.

I had a choice, but all I could feel was the wind.

Dia Frampton - Footsteps

From a different story, from another planet.

To me love means more,
Than what is written in stone
You were everything to me in this world
My dear ladybug

Knez i Branislav Lecic - Ladybug

They say that some are fake
overnight<fn>lit. 'from night to morning'.</fn> they become your enemies.

Of course nothing is written (in stone)
things quickly change as they go
and the more money you lose

Ariel Camacho - Life In Ruins

We are the ones, never lost our faith and our pride
Out of the ruins we rise forever
Into the battle we march together
It's written in stone, a new king will be born

And out of the shades

Freedom Call - Out of the Ruins

But in my heart there is no doubt
I can't believe we're over now
You're not gone, you're not gone
We're not alone, it's written in stone
I just know, I just know, I just know
We're still in love

Christopher - Still In Love

(As you go)
As you go
Future's wide open
Nothing's written in stone
Better make it up as you go
Better make it up as you go

Plain White T's - Make it up as you go

And we've only just begun

And oh, every lie we told
Is written in stone
Every lie we wrote in our bones

Lisa Hannigan - Home

The towers that shoulder your pride,
The words you've written in stone
Sand will cover them, sand will cover you
The streets that suffer your name,

Thrice - Of Dust And Nations

The future meant for us is written in stone. There’s nothing we can do about it now.
I lie in bed, furious, as I try to get some sleep within the gray twinkle of this smoke-stained room.
An announcer dressed head to toe in black appeared on the TV I’d left switched on.
The guest brought on for today’s episode said, “There’s no future left for us anymore.”
While the news story of a missile attack against a terrorist encampment plays in the background,
My dreams fill up with all my worries over the months worth of rent money I’ve yet to pay.

amazarashi - Missile

My fate seems written in stone - would you join me in my sin
My sentence's been passed - would you share the penalty with me
Or will you also leave me
And run far away from me
Just like that I decided to change, but all my efforts couldn't resolve the falsehoods left from the betrayal; the wounds in my hear just festered
You stole my hope, sucked the dreams from my soul and cut through me like a stray bullet

Doğuş - Purgatory

would you tear that sore open

Or are you writing words you can't stand behind
With your own name, written in stone, you wouldn't dare to do harm

Love while you can

Elias Kaskinen & Päivän Sankarit - Love while you can

I will hide in the book you've read
I'll be there in what you think you've learned
life is more than what any text tells you<fn>life is more than what can be found in the pages of a book, life isn't written in stone.</fn>
you'll know someday when you find yourself alone and sad.

Nelly Furtado - Ghosts

Now let's us see what deep flows the Masada has brung
Right before I get in my zone, I sit in my throne
Then I lounge, one foot pivot while I'm spitting my poems
My poetry so vivid it was written in stone
They say Priest is some sort of mystic
He speaks wisdom unknown

Killah Priest - Osirus Eyes

How many words have we burned
I won't go, come
Again and again
Your name is written in stone
I'll wait until I'm with you
Although the morning is approaching again

Silber - Through the Night

Something more than ink
On a page, on a shirt, on the back of my hand
It's something written in stone
Words we wrote in stone

Have Heart - Something More Than Ink

All great and reach people
Poor and vile
Were worked with my hands
Written in stone
They were once, not more
Went into Heaven

Tedi Spalato - Stone mason

[Verse 2: ]
Never mind fabricating clever lies
In my planet the law's not
Interpretable, it's written in stone.
I'll never get a chance
To be really understood.

Ravenscry - Overload

Lookin' into the face of the goose snow cone
Should be shaking it loose but you do it alone
Every look is a truce and it's written in stone

Gotta keep it together when your friends come by

Aimee Mann - Goose Snow Cone

But the rights of the children 
Have nowhere to stand 
Memories of children 
Are written in stone 
Some they get buried 
Not to be shown 

k.d. lang - Nowhere to Stand

[Verse 1]
There’s a field nearby
With words written in stone
My love will not die
Please let it be known

Angels and Airwaves - Distraction