Adam Angst - Wunderbar (English translation)

English translation


We don't believe in ministers anymore
We haven't believed in God anymore for a long time
We believe in Helene Fischer*
And we're partying ourselves into oblivion
We don't believe in freedom anymore
We don't believe in trust anymore
We still believe in love
'cause every farmer finds a wife**
We're hanging in front of our screens all night
And we're not falling asleep anymore
This day isn't bearable anymore
Without a yellow bill***
Thank you for asking
Everything's good with me
Please don't visit me
I won't be home fore sure
Thank you for asking
I am feeling wonderful
As long as the drugs are effective
I couldn't care less about all this shit
Thank you YouTube, thank you Microsoft
And thank you alcohol
Many thanks to the social system
And to Tetrahydrocannabinol
The letter box is full
And the fridge is empty
The neighbours could think
You're not alive anymore
But they'd walk over your corpse
'cause they have learnt not to look as well
We only believe what we see
But we only see what we want to
Submitted by leSpring on Mon, 17/07/2017 - 10:35
Author's comments:

*Helene Fischer = German Taylor Swift (or something like that...)
** There is a German reality TV program called "Bauer Sucht Frau" (Farmer searches wife) which is more or less a dating program for farmers...
*** I'm not German but I think "Gelber Schein" (yellow bill) is an informal name for a Certificate of Citizenship which is printed on yellow paper

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