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Annex It lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww

Annex It

If it's not yours
If you want more
Don't just steal a bit -
Annex it
If things are looking bad
A bad decision made
Don't admit defeat and quit -
Annex it
You're cold busted
Caught wasting lives
Throwing money in the pit -
Annex it
It doesn't matter
What they see, where they live
The lies it takes to acquit -
Annex it
Never mind a constitution
A sovereign nation fighting, free
Just go make a country split -
Annex it
A belligerent bully snatching
Colleagues far too afraid
Do what you want, just submit -
Annex it
If Ukraine fell - states once soviet
The world is next, Putin's gain
He'll take it all, if he can, liberty's obit -
Annex it
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Submitted by Ww WwWw Ww on 2022-09-30


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