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Another's End lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww

Another's End

What is death to us then,
The cessation of breath?
What mean of measure chosen?
Observations innocuously made
Laying claim to an entity
Exacting soul and name
Consigned to anonymity
Brevity of an age bygone
A chapter stolen from a book
The tome of those surviving
As the years pass ever on
The saga grows ever shorter
We do not mourn their passing
It is the nature of existence
We mourn our recollections
Reaffirming another's end
They live in our memories
'Til they fail or this heart would
Passing of ages goes unnoticed
Only words and deeds live on
Happiness is found in moments
Known by its frequent absence
Legacies to pass on unselfishly
Finding themselves then to be...
Another's end
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Submitted by Ww WwWw Ww on 2022-09-30


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