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Apocalypse Now lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww

Apocalypse Now

The four horseman riding fast
Across the Russian skies
Preparing to take full account
Those fools that fall for lies
The white horseman rode away
To reap destruction on the land
Bringing death, riding a pale horse
Gathering up victims by demand
When the land was stained red
The horseman of war progressing
Death riding abreast massacring
Its minions purpose distressing
Sent by the demons they elected
Expected to win, fated to die
The pale horse trod, trampled
Lost and betrayed by the lie
Famine followed astride in black
Pestilence borne by the same
Resolute they snatch up the slack
Regardless of rank or name
But boundaries are misunderstood
The fates do not know of lines
Reaping revenge upon all men
Warfare's plague in their minds
An apocalyptic destiny dire
Horn blown; the end close in store
Not turning away, compounding err's
Hell's gates open still wanting more
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