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Are You Alright? lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww

Are You Alright?

The aftermath of devastation
Carnage shows a reality
They stare in silent shock
Those relics lie all around
This is the nature of man
A barbarism made clear
Pressured into a bestiality
A vision so very unordinary
Ideals of preservation prevail
By the destruction of final foes
Determined to bring extinction
Enemy strangers unprovoked
This is the parallax of humanity
The quiet, mild mannered being
Brought to bear upon an adversary
The outcome is always lethal
There are the many busy about
They play their roles indistinctly
The few that take on this world
Know the consequence of death
In the smoking rubble's pyre
Remains lie strewn all about
Like fallen leaves of sullen colour
In the autumn epoch of life
Witnessing the absoluteness
An unequivocal realism faced
They stand in wandering horror
Their demanded quarry taken
In the eyes of a stalking hunter
Reflections they do not like
They see into themselves truly
A vision filled with mortal woes
Inquiring in bewildered terror
Weary of an actuality explosive
Words muttered in profound fear
Are you alright? Are you okay?
Laden with the deadly burden
Living hums a constant numbness
Broken only by horrid dreams
Left exsanguinating in the dirt
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Submitted by Ww WwWw Ww on 2022-09-30


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