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A Candle Burning lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww

A Candle Burning

In a nebulous circle
Ringed about a sphere
Layered pillowy purity
Floating clouds surround
Dynamics of convections
Playing their role in change
A transition from opaque
Into the realm of clarity
Hued in crystalline tintage
Ascending bit by bit
Escaping temperate veil
Rising in glowing light
The cosmos beyond
A heavenly flickering
Shadows far below
Soaring high 'tween
Never to return again
To remain the same
Enlightenment obtained
In anonymous clarity
Giving hope to life unnamed
Rays conveyed to darkness
Unable to take hold
Defied by a single flame
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Submitted by Ww WwWw Ww on 2022-09-30


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