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A Great Man

There once was a great man
He carried no sword
Fought no victorious battles
Wrote no known books
He was not a doctor
He was not a lawyer
He was a simple man
He was a great mean...
He was a humble man
He slighted no one
He laboured day after day
Reaping a fine harvest,
To those who knew him
He was a great man...
Inquiring of your health
Interested in the person
He had no enemies
His friends are countless
Each now bowing in respect
For he was a great man...
He had no children
Yet he had many
He had a good wife
She, equally as great
A smile for the day
A kind word to say
Always from this man
When the earth is turned
The stone in its place
The name enscribed
He will still be
He was a great man...
He will shine on
Kind words speak of him
For kindness begets kindness
Goodness begets goodness
Life begets life
Mourn only his mortal loss
The spirit yet remains
In the hearts of the living
Thoughts in each day
Acts in his reflection
Given a full life
Deity's blessed soul
Weeps in his passing
For he was a great man
A gentle man
He was my friend
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No man knows the meaning of his existence by that which he will never see that outlasts him. An ancestral gift given by a man with no children of his own yet his life continues to effect the paths of men.

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Lobolyrix    Mon, 13/11/2017 - 09:00

Diety's blessed soul: presumably a typo - Deity should be meant.

Ww Ww    Mon, 13/11/2017 - 22:31

Dankeschön Regular smile