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Hanford lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww


A rural village doomed
Bound to history's relegation
Fated to the legacy of a bomb
A desolation made nuclear
Forms and foundations found
Brought level to the ground
Final remnants of the past
Once veiled in a great secret
Only but a vacant hulk standing
A short-lived high school gone
The lone legacy witnessing
Stands still, a sentry forgotten
The Columbia River flowing
Journeying near to wash away
Defined the place of process
Radiating a world unprepared
That meager burg dispensed
Bore blossoms of plutonium
Bursting open upon great cities
Vaporizing spiritual substance
Horrors so seething, appalling
Formed the destruction of war
Intensifying its lengthy losses
Into but a single instant flash
Shortening the loss of life
Guaranteed by propagation
Systemic sacrifice of individuals
A human cost monumental
Tiny Hanford unsuspecting
Changed the world made known
A wasteland begotten in haste
Left alone, abandoned in time
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Submitted by Ww WwWw Ww on 2022-09-30
Submitter's comments:

"We will bear any burden
In the pursuit of liberty."

Hanford was a town in the USA, a site of nuclear testing in the World War II era.


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