Ww Ww - Pearl Harbor Remembered


Pearl Harbor Remembered

To those brave souls who slumber in the deep
Since you've been gone we have not ceased to weep
A war of the world which you never saw
For five years the world was without law
But now the world's troubled peace is in store
Only painful memories exist from a senseless war
You are the guardians of peace to keep the word
So that "Remember Pearl Harbor" will always be heard
Men are quick to violence, reacting without thought
Be placid souls of men until freedom is wrought
Tis better to be diplomatic, than a fighting fool
For war claims souls, Pearl Harbor is this sacred rule
To those asleep in the depths of the sea's cradle
Keep your watch eternal under Polaris's ladle
In silent vigilance to keep liberty's light
Forever on deck hoping for a red sky at night
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Submitter's comments:

December 7th, 1941 World War II, Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii, a part of the United States.
Polaris's ladle is The Big Dipper. Polaris is the North Star.
A red sky at night. This comes from an old nautical saying, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning sailor take warning". Atmospheric changes make for fair weather coming when there's a red sky. A red sky in the morning is the sign of foul weather coming.

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