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Rite Sleight Of Hand lyrics

  • Artist: Ww Ww
  • Translations: Spanish

Rite Sleight Of Hand

Cast in The Colour's shroud
Beneath a veil of mystery
Piety the remains of relic
Where temporal faults
Masquerade in adornment
With but a sleight of hand
Changed in dynamic realm
All who took notice before
Cannot envision it now
For as a magician's motion
The vanishing takes place
Yet the remnants present
Have disappeared from sight
Cloaked in a nation's standard
A shining silvery metal casting
A casket of corporeal remains
Unrevivable in magic's wake
Illusions of grandeur's type
To vex those frail ideations
Stilled upon this occasion
Lowered into earth's bosom
Last breath betrays the wand
No fanfare shall revive them
So pomp and circumstance
Give way to simplest desire
As unobtainable as a pulse
A resurrection waved anon
Giving way to the final truth
The obvious fragility of man
A ceremonial prestidigitation
This rite sleight of hand
Here beneath a patriot's pall
This conjured consecrated convention
Subdued in splendor and devotion
Tears that streak silently veiled
Bewildered by the rite sleight of hand
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