Xon Ahuiyacan (English translation)

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Xon Ahuiyacan

Ica xon ahuiyacan ihuinti xochitli,
tomac mani, aya
Ma on te ya aquiloto
In toquiappancaxochiuh,
tla celia xochitli,cueponia xochitli.
Oncan nemi tototl,
chachalaca, tlatohua, hahaya
hual on quimatli teotl ichan, ohuaya, ohuaya
Zaniyo in toxochiuhica
ica tonahuiyacan.
Zaniyo in cuicatl, aya
icaon pupulihui in amotlaocol.
In tepilhuan ica yehua,
amelel on quiza, ohuaya, ohuaya
Quiyocoya in Ipalnemohua, aya
qui ya hualtemohuiya
in ayahuailo xochitli,
ica yehua amelel on quiza.
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Be Joyful

Be joyful with the intoxicating flowers,
those which are in our hands.
Now put on the necklaces of flowers.
Our flows from the season of rain,
fragrant flowers, now open their corollas.
There flies the bird,
he chatters and sings,
he has known the house of God.
Only with our flowers,
we are happy.
Only with our songs,
does sadness disappear.
O lords, in this way
your sorrow is put to flight.
The Giver of Life invents them,
he has sent them down,
the Inventor of Himself,
the joyous flowers,
with these your sorrow is put to flight.
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Author's comments:

Translation from Miguel Leon-Portilla's "Fifteen Poets of the Aztec World", page 98.

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