¡Que viva España! (English translation)

  • Artist: Manolo Escobar (Manuel García Escobar)
  • Also performed by: Los Paquitos, Imca Marina, Sylvia Vrethammar, Lucas Alexander, Samantha, Georgette Plana, Memo Morales
  • Song: ¡Que viva España! 7 translations
  • Translations: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish
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Long live Spain!

Among flowers 'fandanguillos' and 'alegrías", 1.
the land of love, my Spain, was born.
Only God could have created so much beauty,
and its not possible that could be another one.
And everybody knows that this is true,
and when they have to leave they all do cry.
That's why one hears this refrain:
"Long live Spain!"
And always they'll remember it:
"Long live Spain!"
People sing with great ardor:
"Long live Spain!"
Life has a different flavor,
and Spain is just the best.
In the sunny bullfighting afternoons,
people cheer the matador with fervor.
And he salutes strolling his cuadrilla 2.
with that charm of Spanish nobleman.
The bullring vibrates now with its 'olés'
and our national feast starts then.
(refran repeates)
How beautiful is the Mediterranean Sea,
its Costa Brava and Costa del Sol. 3.
The 'sardana' and the 'fandango' move me, 4/5.
because within its notes there is life and warmth.
Spain has always been and it will be
forever paradise without equal.
(refrain repeates)
Laralala.. Long live Spain.
Laralala... Long live Spain.
People sing with ardor:
'Long live Spain'
Life has a different flavor
and Spain is just the best.
Spain is just the best...
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Author's comments:

This song, "Que viva España", is another version of the original "E viva Espana", composed in 1974 by the Belgian Leo Roozenstraten.
The melody is the same; the lyrics are different.

1. Fadanguillos/alegrías"- Classic singing and dancing flamenco.
2. Cuadrilla -The matador's crew.
3. "Rough Coast/Sunny Cost". Well known sections of the Mediterranean.
4. Sardana- The popular dance of Cataluña (Catalonian)
5. Fandango-Same as 'fandangillo'


¡Que viva España!

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