يا عواذل فلفلوا (Ya 3awazel Falfelo) (English translation)

يا عواذل فلفلوا

يا عواذل فلفلوا
ما قال لي وقلت له ومال لي وملت له
وجاني ورحت له يا عواذل فلفلوا
قالوا لي كلام وقالوا له كلام
وكان بيني وبينه خصام
كلامهم زاد غرامي غرام
وفاض به الشوق بعث لي سلام
وسلامه فرحت له وقابلني ضحكت له
وقال لي وقلت له ومال لي وملت له
يا يا عواذل فلفلوا
في قربه يزيد حنيني إليه
وهو بعيد يا خوفي عليه
أخاف للناس يشوفوا عينيه
ويتمنوا يبوسوا إيديه
في إيديه كل الهنا وعينيه هي المنا
وحلف لي بحبنا وأنا برضه حلفت له
يا يا عواذل فلفلوا
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كلمات: ابو السعود الأبياري
ألحان: فريد الأطرش
تاريخ: 1950

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Ya Awazel Falfilu

Oh interloper, fume
He spoke to me and I to him; he leaned towards me and I towards him
He came to me and I went to him; oh interloper, fume
They told me one thing and him another
And there became a dispute between us
Their words made my passion greater
And in addition to yearning he sent me greetings
And his greetings brought me joy; and when he visited I smiled at him
He spoke to me and I to him; he leaned towards me and I towards him
Oh interloper, fume
In his closeness my longing of him increases
And when he's far, oh am I scared for him
I'm scared the people will love his eyes
And will wish to kiss his hands
In his hands is all my wellness and in his eyes is all my fortune
But he swore to me by our love and I back to him
Oh interloper, fume
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