Ya Hanaah (يا هناه) (English translation)

English translation

Oh His Joy

Please understand now, you the one in my mind
I keep on drifting with my imagination..
Oh, if your heart would will it for me,
So I get what I wished !
Oh his joy, whom you would be content about
Oh lucky he, whom you would live for
He would probably see days as roses when your eyes look at him
Oh his joy, whom you would be content about
You by a word would make him
Unlike other people
And living the truest feeling of love
Oh his joy
Whoever you're with &
People see him beside you
And the kindest words being said to (him)
If it would be me
A promise upon me I would make you forget
All the days you weren't my love on (them)
If I was same (precious) as all the rest
Or even the most precious of the precious
As long as I am for you
I wouldn't care where I rank for you (among them)
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Ya Hanaah (يا هناه)