Yakarım İstanbul’u (English translation)

  • Artist: Gülden Mutlu
  • Song: Yakarım İstanbul’u 3 translations
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I’ll burn İstanbul down

If you were to ask me: “What remains in your memories?”
Only the noise of the door banging shut
Also, the years that turned into ashes in front of my eyes.
Much time has passed like this; separated, broken, in pieces...
I’ve worked out, I would say without exaggeration, a thousand years.
If I were to write this down, the pen would turn into an enemy to the paper
I can’t explain...
If I only could, I would have turned back the time
I would have laid down in front of the door
If you are to go then walk over me!
Would there be remedy from strangers to the wound opened?
If they1dare hurt you; I’ll burn Istanbul down!
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Yakarım İstanbul’u

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