Göksel - Yalnız Kuş (English translation)

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Lonely Bird

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I have a love, I have always left it at wrong hearts
I have a love, I have wasted it on cold beds
Why did I made my wish on rootless trees*
I have a love, I have always tied it in broken canvases
There was no place for me in your sky
My wings broke off on your dry twigs
I did not have a home on your land
The destiny was the same end, this was the last story it had written
This bird wanders in a wrong place
That is why this bird is flying alone
There is someone I am waiting for, that is not you unfortunately I have realized/understood
You have one drop of love, why did I always wake up from nightmares
I have a heart, I have wasted it on cheapest novels
I have a love, I have always left it on the wrong hearts
Submitted by Busay1 on Sat, 18/02/2012 - 22:57
Author's comments:

* in turkey, it is believed that some trees are magic and if someone makes a wish and ties a little piece of clothes on the twig their wish might come true

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Yalnız Kuş

vida_loca    Sat, 09/03/2013 - 20:08

Güzel çeviri ancak ilk kıtada "Why did I made" değil make olacak.